ROS Animation & Branding

For more than 10 years, Renewable Oil Services has been carrying out gearbox and hydraulic oil exchanges on wind turbines across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

At the start of this year we began work on a rebrand and a new animation outlining their process.

The full video will be available to view in the coming weeks.

Think. Believe. Create.

Gymmies Kitchen

One of our current clients referred Ryan Leslie of Gymmies Kitchen to us.

Initially we discussed the design and development of a new website, what followed has been an exciting project consisting of food photography, packaging design, video shoots and regular tasting samples! (We recommend the Chicken Satay, it’s delicious!)

Ryan provides 3 variations across a wide selection of healthy meals. Lean, Maintain and Gain. These help track protein, fat and calorie intake on a daily basis.

Delivered to selected gyms in your area or straight to your home address.

Ryan has seen a significant increase in orders since the launch of his website and we’re looking forward to working with him more over the rest of the year.

A full case study of the project will be available soon.

Order today at

Peter Vardy

Kevin has now created a number of internal videos for Peter Vardy, traveling to various showrooms and premises in Scotland, often filming and delivering the final edit same day.

The content within these videos offer a fascinating insight into the dynamic work environment Peter Vardy have to offer.

We have used Creo Design for several months now and week in, week out, we get a fantastic result from Kevin. His work style, passion for video and flexibility has been a real asset to our team. He also recently created several videos for our annual launch event which were outstanding!

James Alexander – Head of Creative at Peter Vardy