Helping your b2c business get online

In these unprecedented times businesses that rely on working with the public are suffering the most. We can help you move your business online and give you advice on what to do to help engage with your customers while they are at home.

Video Conferencing is nothing new however is becoming a trend over the past few weeks worldwide to help businesses function and keep in touch with their customers in a more practical setting.

Offer subscription services on to your website and create online classes and webinars. We work with many businesses who run daily classes with members of the public and rely on 1 to 1 workshops. Create a platform for your customers to access your classes and keep them engaged with your business.

For more information on how we can help or if you are looking for some advice on how to move your business online, get in touch today.

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IG Contracts Sky Dive

Elaine McDonald, Business Development Manager at IG Contracts will this time tomorrow be jumping out a plane… Yes Elaine will be sky diving to raise money for Beatson Cancer Charity.

Having worked with Elaine over the past few months on her rebrand and new website coming soon, we’d like to show our support for this great cause. You can donate too by following the link below.

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Worksmart Fire Door Inspection

We recently created the brand and marketing materials for Worksmart Fire Door Inspection.

“Fire doors are an essential line of defense in a fire and can mean the difference between life and death. When a fire occurs they prevent the spread of fire and smoke, protect escape routes and provide precious minutes for people trying to escape – BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE WORKING PROPERLY.”

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Canny Travel Development

Canny Travel offers a unique service allowing customers to sell flights, holidays and accommodation when they canny travel.

Sabrina from Canny Travel contacted us to help create a process that would automate holiday cancellation pages and reduce admin on her website. With Sabrina’s vast knowledge of the existing site we managed to create something together that will help the website function with more ease.

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