23rd September 2022

Digital Marketing | My Week of Work Experience at Creo

Olivia Quinn joined Creo for one week to explore everything to do with digital marketing. Here, she relays her experience and gives her advice for anyone else seeking work experience at a digital agency…

Hi I’m Olivia Quinn and this week I had the opportunity to have work experience at Creo. To learn about digital marketing I would be working alongside my brother Lewis, who helped guide me through the week.


Lewis taught me how to update a website with web copy. He also taught me how to set up a subdomain on company’s server. On the subdomain, I set up the website to make sure it was ready for development. I also had the chance to meet mostly everyone on a call. They explained their role in the company and showed me examples of their work.


I created a blog post for Creo’s LinkedIn page. The post was an introduction of myself, my plans for the future and what I wanted to gain this week. I also researched 10 different web agencies and went on their LinkedIn and chose five posts from each that I thought would be good for a Creo post, then produced a calendar for the October month, which had 3 different social posts a week.


I worked with Andrew on SEO, we went on a call and he took me through step by step on how to do SEO for companies. I also sat in on a call meeting with Lewis and heard about different people’s companies. I created a blog on social media marketing types and why it’s important to a business. To end the day I went on a call with Solutions on Demand and met most of all the company and introduced myself.


I started my day on a call with Tom to discuss how to layout a case study and what is needed to make it the best it can be. I also wrote this post about my experience with the company.

Overall, I really enjoyed this week working with Creo and I recommend if you’re looking for work experience to consider taking it here. Everyone is welcoming and friendly and skilled at what they do.

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