You can’t win anything with kids… or can you?

When former Scotland international Alan Hansen uttered those now famous words in 1995, many people would have nodded in agreement. After all, people aren’t always keen to put their trust in young talent. This isn’t the case with Creo though…

A few months back, we posted about a talented young graphic designer. Chloe joined us on a summer placement to help out on various projects. Such was her talent and personality, we decided to invite her back once her placement was complete.

We must have made a good impression on her too as she was quick to accept our offer!

She’s been very much thrown into the deep end on quite a few projects – there’s no better way for a young person to learn!

Brand Development Work

One special mention has to go to the way she handled herself in a meeting a couple of weeks ago. Creo is currently working on a brand redevelopment project for an Ayrshire town.

Chloe was tasked with creating some of the designs for the project… what she wasn’t aware of, however, was that she would be presenting them to the committee members herself!

Despite her nerves, she handled it like a pro and presented her work brilliantly.

The feedback on her designs was positive too, and we were able to move the project forward.

Input on Graphic Design Projects

Chloe has also been getting more and more involved in other projects, including a new ladies clothing brand. Her eye for design and female input has definitely been a big help to the rest of the team on that particular project.

She’s also helping some of our older team members acclimatise to TikTok!

One of the main things we’ve learned as a business is that when you believe in people and give them responsibility, they will deliver more often than not.

So many businesses fail to trust their employees, let alone their younger staff members.

We’ve had great success by giving our team members the freedom to perform and encouraging them to take on more responsibility within the business and with clients.

Alan Hansen’s comments went down in history when Manchester United’s youngsters proved him wrong.

The great Sir Alex Ferguson was smart enough to trust in youth; maybe in another life he could have run a creative design agency!

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