The Excitement of a New Project: Graphic Design for JOY

It’s always exciting when a new project is signed off. This latest graphic design project with jewellery maker JOY by Corrine Smith was fun and exciting from the get-go. Corrine Smith approached us looking for a new card to be designed that could accompany jewellery purchased by her customers. We took on the challenge and were so pleased with how it turned out!

The goal of the card was to make the colours in each of JOY’s stunning necklaces stand out.

As with any project, especially graphic design projects, research is crucial if you’re going to be successful and create something your client loves.

We began the project by looking into the various birthstones and their different geometrical shapes and colours. This information would act as the building blocks for the designs our graphic designers could use.

Research is key

A great place to start for these projects is Pinterest. With so many great ideas available, we like to set up a Pinterest board which helps us to gather and share ideas with our clients.

The first design we put together consisted of 12 separate art boards. Each art board had its own unique design and colour palette, but once brought together would create a gemstone.

After that, the second design created was simplified, but still in-keeping with the original concept of splitting the gem into different cards.

The client was happy with the foundations of the second set of designs, but still wanted a few tweaks to be made.

Communication aids design

Clear communication with our clients is something we really value and is worth its weight in gold on a project- pun intended.

After initial meetings and talks, it can be easy to head off and get on with a project without conversing more with the client.

Oftentimes this leads to you straying off the path and veering too far away from the clients’ needs.

For graphic design projects it’s especially important to regularly update the client. The best designer in the world might have a completely different idea of what is ‘good’ to the client.

This is why when we take on a project, we are always working with our client in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

After further discussions we decided the best option would be splitting each stone between two months. For example, January and February would be one pair.

graphic design project for jewellery designer

Each card can stand on its own and the design creates a unique gem pattern.

The success of this project was a combination of talented designers and a great client.

The geometric shapes associated with birthstones really lend themselves to this type of project.

Meetings with the client allowed us to ensure we had the right colour palette and layout for each design.

Successful graphic design project

This graphic design process was a great collaboration between the client and our graphic designers.

Corrine Smith is a fantastic jewellery maker with beautiful pieces to purchase. We highly recommend you check out her website or Instagram for some gorgeous inspiration!

And if you want a custom graphic design card made too, or any type of design for that matter, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us today and our design experts will arrange a call with you to discuss further.

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