Run More Effective Ads on Facebook and Instagram

We’ve spoken before about the power of Facebook and Instagram ads, but today we want to show you a real-life example of their effectiveness.

Selling online isn’t always easy. There will be high and low points. A high-performing ad campaign one week might product no results the following week.

For this reason, it’s important you have someone monitoring your campaigns. They need constant attention – treat your ad campaigns like a new-born baby or a puppy!

So… what happened to make us write this blog?

Well, we have a client. A great client. One we’ve worked with for many years. These are the best types of clients: the ones you can build a lasting relationship with.

‘So what does this client do?’ I hear you asking…

Well, this client sells premium furniture online – a lot of high-class Italian ranges from the biggest luxury brand names.

Over the last few months they’ve been selling rattan garden furniture from their website.

As you can imagine, with lockdowns, (some) good weather and a lack of international travel – garden furniture has been selling pretty well.

This is in large part thanks to the garden furniture ad campaigns we’ve been running for the client on Facebook and Instagram.

Since first launching the campaign on 10 May, there have been 45 website purchases directly attributed to this campaign with a Return on Ad Spend of 21.46.

That means that for every £1 spent on the campaign, £21.46 has been generated.

As ROAS goes, that’s definitely one that will give you a happy client.

But what happens when sales slow down?

We’re not going to pretend campaigns are always brilliant. Nor can we ever guarantee they will deliver.

Some don’t.

That’s just the nature of Facebook ads.

When things do start to stagnate or slow down, there are some things we can do though.

Despite the huge success of this campaign, sales started to dry up at the beginning of August.

This could be down to a number of factors: Summer coming to an end? People bored of seeing the same ad? Everyone who wants to buy has already bought?

It was hard to pinpoint one reason for the drop in sales, but we knew we had to make a change.

It was the first time since the campaign launched that there were 7 consecutive days without a sale.

But what to change?

How do we reinvigorate a campaign? How do you entice people to buy who, as yet, haven’t pulled the trigger?

We decided to do a few things:

Focus targeting further South – Sorry Scotland, but our weather just isn’t as good as our English neighbours. With longer Summers than us, we figured there would be more people further South still looking for garden furniture.

Create an offer – Everyone loves an offer. That feeling that you got something on the cheap. With the client, we decided to reduce the cost of each garden set by 20%, in the hope that this would encourage people to make a purchase.

Retarget – An offer is only good if it’s being served to the right audience. We made sure we would be targeting people who had viewed the products on offer over the course of the Summer but hadn’t made a purchase.

What were the results?

After making the changes on Friday, there had been six sales by the time we sat down to work again on Monday morning.

Return on Ad Spend over the weekend?


£42.76 generated for every £1 spent.

That’s a good result in anyone’s book.

We mentioned at the beginning about Facebook/Instagram ads being a powerful tool. Many businesses still don’t understand just how effective they can be in generating sales or leads.

Hopefully this example will give you an idea of how much of a game-changer a well-managed Facebook Ads strategy can be.

If you’re interested in sitting down with our Facebook Ads experts, drop us a message and we can discuss your business and how you can best utilise Facebook Ads.

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