Growing your business with data

The importance of Google Analytics

User acquisition. Conversion tracking. Return on Investment. Analytics. Most people switch off when it’s time to crunch the numbers and go into their Google Analytics.

But understanding the data behind your website is crucial.

If you don’t understand your customers, how can you expect to grow?

The story behind the numbers

While the numbers surrounding users, session duration, bounce rate and pages per visit might look confusing, there’s a story behind each one.

Drilling down on the data and working out what it all means is the most important thing.

The data paints a picture of how your web visitors are interacting with your website. By looking deeper into this, we start to see patterns of behaviour.

People might be landing on a certain page and leaving immediately.


Could the page itself be the problem? Is the imagery or copy engaging enough? Is there something wrong with the layout?

Maybe you aren’t getting the sales you were expecting, are people leaving before the checkout page?

Is there a reason?

Are people visiting your site on a mobile device leaving immediately?

Does that mean your website isn’t mobile-friendly enough?

Looking into your analytics will help you to better understand what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.

Bespoke Google Analytics reports

The problem we come across with many businesses is simply one of resources. People within a company are too busy running the day-to-day to delve into the granular details of Google Analytics.

Not just that, but Analytics can be quite an overwhelming tool if you don’t know how to use it.

That’s why we work with so many companies who are more than happy to delegate the task to our Analytics experts at Creo.

Instead of you having to train someone within your business to use the software and spend valuable time on it, you can simply allow us to handle it.

We specialise in creating bespoke Google Analytics reports for our clients. Using the most relevant data to your business, we will tailor your report and produce it at the end of each month.

This allows you to easily see what’s going on with your website and compare the progress month on month.

Our clients who use this service take our reports and then discuss what they can do to improve the situation.

Having a full picture of what’s going on behind the scenes of your website will give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

How long have you been ignoring your analytics for? Maybe it’s time to get serious about it and give us a call or drop us a message.

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