First Time Inside

As a design team Creo has been tasked with completing a myriad of projects, some infinitely more technical than others, on behalf of a wide range of clients. The process is always interesting from a technical perspective and in many cases educational in the sense that we get to learn a little about not only what our clients’ business is about but also the market in which they operate.

When we were approached by the team at First Time Inside to design their site we were, as always, pleased to take on a new client as well as learning a little about their approach to a very special niche market.

First Time Inside aim to offer a range of support services aimed at making someone’s first experience of prison less traumatic than it can be. Working with offenders and/or their solicitors they hope to plug what they have identified as a gap in the justice system.

Stealing a phrase they used themselves, “You can’t truly understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. The process has once again been educational but also a little sobering when you examine the project itself.

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