3rd January 2023

Businesses who do this are getting ahead of their competition

It’s happened to us all.

You’re browsing a website on your phone, looking for a new car, mobile phone or pair of shoes.

Instinctively, you close the browser and jump onto Facebook or Instagram for a scroll.

In amongst the funny dog videos, your best friend’s dinner and your aunt sharing a dodgy competition for a free Range Rover… it happens.

You’re fed an ad.

What’s interesting about this ad though?

Well, it’s for the exact same product you were just looking at.

In many cases, it won’t even be from the same website you were on.

How did this happen? What is this sorcery? How did they know what I was looking for?

Without even realising it, you’ve been retargeted.

Using retargeting ads on Facebook & Instagram

Retargeting ads are how e-commerce businesses convert interested users to paying customers.

They work by targeting people who have either already visited your website, or who have visited a website similar to yours looking for the products you sell.

This is why if you’re shopping on IKEA’s website, you may start getting ads from Wayfair.

These ads are very clever and can be tremendously effective.

Companies who sell online are missing out on a lot of customers by not utilising Facebook’s powerful advertising tools.

Garden Furniture Advertising Campaign

At the beginning of summer, this client began selling garden furniture. Last year, they saw mixed results with garden furniture on their website.

This year, they decided they needed to do something different.

Starting with a budget of just £5 per day on ad spend, this client has seen an incredible ROI on their investment on Facebook ads.

The campaign has been running since the end of April and has seen a return on ad spend of almost 24. This means for every £1 spent, £24 has been made directly from the ads.

It’s fair to say this client made the right decision appointing Creo to handle this ad campaign.

Multiple Campaigns

One way to maximise your chance of success is to run multiple campaigns. This allows you to compensate if one or more of your campaigns isn’t getting the results you wish.

We began working with a new client in May selling health items on their e-commerce website and have ran multiple campaigns in that time.

As you can see below, of the 8 campaigns, the average across the board was highly successful, with a 6.22 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

What do retargeting ads cost?

Your budget depends on you. Some companies spend thousands of pounds per day on ads, others as low as £5 or £10.

Depending on your product, its price point, the potential return on investment (ROI), and the quality of your ads, you will see varying results.

Retargeting ads for your business

There is no doubt about it, without running ads, you will fall behind your competition.

Every day you aren’t running ads, more and more customers are seeing your competitors’ ads over and over again as they scroll through social media.

Creo runs ad campaigns for various clients spanning different industries.

If you’re looking to take your sales to the next level through Facebook/Instagram ads, get in touch today.

Our social media marketing experts will arrange a call with you to discuss your business, the products you’re looking to sell and how we can help.

Creo will give you strategy and direction to achieve your short and long-term goals as an e-commerce business.

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