Campervans and Staycations – Creo’s Brand Storytelling Workshop

When COVID turned the world upside down and cancelled our international travel plans, we all began to seek our holidays closer to home.   

Staycation – a vacation, but at home.  

Of all the new words, phrases, jargon, lingo and terminology we’ve learned during the pandemic, staycation is perhaps our favourite.  

It’s no surprise then that we were thrilled to be approached by Snug Scotland. Having recently started the campervan rental company, they needed a website, as well as guidance on their brand identity and marketing strategy.  

Before getting to work on the web design, Snug wanted to take part in our Brand Storytelling Workshop 

The workshop is designed to pick apart everything about a brand and identify the following:  

  • Research on your competitors  

  • Define your Mission and Vision (Find out your Why and How)

  • Establish your brands Tone of Voice 

  • Explore and Develop your Brand Archetypes

Brand Personality and Tone of Voice

By drilling down on these points, we are able to create guidelines for the company going forward. These guidelines establish the personality of your brand and provide in-depth detail about purpose and demographics.   

With Karen and David from Snug Scotland, asking these questions was a lot of fun. Over the course of a few engaging and productive sessions, we got to know them and the type of business they want Snug Scotland to be.  

Extensive competitor and industry research helped us to get a feel for everything going on in their world. Once all of our research was collated and we had established everything we needed to know, we created a document that can be used going forward for the business.  

Brand Marketing Guidelines

This is the document Snug will refer back to whenever they do any marketing. It’s the information they will consider for every social media post. It’s the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of their business. 

Customers engage with brands for a reason. They need to feel a connection to a brand in order to use their services and spend their money on them.  

Our Brand Storytelling Workshop explores this and helps businesses to understand what it means to have a brand personality. 

With Snug Scotland, that journey was a lot of fun. Just as we’re sure their lucky clients will have in their incredible campers. 

Drop us an email on [email protected] if you’re interested in taking part in our Brand Storytelling Workshop.

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