Retarget Your Customers on Facebook

What do you do when your analytics are telling you that a lot of your customers are visiting your website and viewing your products, but not going through with purchases?

This is something that plagues many e-commerce business owners, who lose out on valuable customers day after day.

This was also something affecting one of our clients, the Wee Sweetie Shop.

Black Friday Retargeting Campaign

With a website full of delicious sweets and treats, they wanted to run a promotion for Black Friday. They also wanted to lure people back to their website who had previously visited.

That’s where we came in.

With a Facebook Pixel set up on their website, we were able to gather data on visitors to the Wee Sweetie Shop. The data being collected gave us our audiences to target for our Facebook retargeting campaign.

We created a campaign that would run the week of Black Friday and used some of the beautiful images our photographer Steven had already captured.

These photos of the Wee Sweeties Shop’s ranges of pick ‘n’ mix, fudge, tablet and other classic sweets were the perfect visual aid to attract customers.

Facebook ad for Wee Sweetie Shop

We combined this with engaging written copy designed to grab our audience’s attention and create a sense of urgency. Above all, we wanted to encourage them to return to the Wee Sweetie Shop’s website to make a purchase.

Give the Customer a Reason to Return

With a special 25% discount code we were able to offer our targeted Facebook audience something unique, in the hope it would bring them back to the website.

Facebook Ad for Wee Sweetie Shop

The specific audience we wanted to target would be people who we knew were already interested in the products.

For example, by targeting people who were already aware of the Wee Sweetie Shop and who had visited the site in the few days prior to seeing the ads, we knew we were putting our ads in front of users who were most likely to become customers.

Did it work?

As with most of the Facebook Ads Campaigns we run, it was a success!

With an overall campaign spend of just £16.61 over the course of a few days, we brought 63 people back to the website. As a result, 18 people making purchase actions.

Therefore, we had a successful result for every 92p spent on the campaign.

Facebook Retargeted Marketing Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns on Facebook are a hugely powerful tool. If you aren’t currently doing it for your business, your competitors are already stealing a march on you.

If you’d like to discuss Facebook marketing campaigns, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Perhaps you are already running campaigns but feel the performance could be better?

We can help with that too.

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