Digital Web Marketing

Blow your Competition out the water

What is Web Marketing?


Behind every great company there is an even better marketing team. The marketing team are the people that will get your product or service out and into public view, in the most attractive and appealing way possible. By coming to Creō to handle your advertising and marketing campaigns, we are able to keep your brand image and message consistent with everything else we’ve done for you, from the specific wording on your website to the different fonts and images used.

Creating a consistent brand image for the customer to see gives you a key advantage as it shows that you really have your act together. If the logo on your website is different to the one on your emails your company looks disjointed and less appealing to potential customers.

SEO from Head to Toe

Search Engine Optimisation is a pretty big deal. Put simply: it’s the process that makes your business easier to find on Google (and the other search engines, but when was the last time you ‘Asked Jeeves’ anything?)

With most people now turning to the internet when looking for products or services, it’s very important that they are able to find your company online. You might have the best looking website in the world, but if no one can find it then what’s the point?

The SEO process helps to generate traffic towards your website by making your site more visible to search engines and their algorithms, by using certain key words or search terms associated with your business or brand.

Google Business

Quick one for you! Search your company name in Google, do you come up? We recommend setting up a Google Business page to take advantage of the free business listing on Google.

Google Analytics

Monitor who visits your website, when and where from. We should always start with a measurement plan that allows us to detail the data that we want to collect.

Google Adwords

When using Google Adwords to promote your business, we highly recommend doing extensive homework before losing a slice of your budget that could be wisely spent at a later date.