SEO Strategy: Is there an Easy Way?

Last month we announced a very exciting tender win. The opportunity was to work with Falkirk Council on a consultancy basis, assisting businesses in Falkirk and providing our expertise. Needless to say, this was an incredible experience and one we are very grateful for.

Over the coming weeks we will go into more detail about some of the businesses we worked with. Hopefully we were able to add value to their business and give them the information and tools they need to progress.

EasyWays Walking Holidays

One of the companies we were tasked with helping was EasyWays.

EasyWays offer guided and self-guided walking holidays in Scotland and across Europe. When it comes to SEO, it was they who required our guidance though.

SEO is complex.

There are many facets to it and it’s very difficult to know where to begin.

This was the challenge facing Karynna and the team, and the reason they approached Falkirk Council seeking help.

We had a great time meeting and working with everyone at EasyWays. We discussed everything to do with the business, including all of the challenges they were facing.

From there, we compiled reports and did analysis on their competitors. This research allowed us to get a feel for the industry and see what kinds of SEO strategies other people in the space were following.

After a few meetings and a lot of behind-the-scenes research, we were able to provide EasyWays with a final strategy document.

SEO Strategy Document

This document outlined our recommendations and advice regarding SEO. The document listed several key action points which we believe will help EasyWays improve their SEO strategy.

As well as these recommendations, we provided keyword reports and backlink reports. These can be used to help guide them when it comes to implementing a backlink strategy and ensuring they are targeting the best keywords.

What was promising for us was how keen and passionate Karynna was. She was making positive changes to the EasyWays website before we even provided our final strategy document.

Her eagerness to learn was great to see and we have no doubts she’ll be able to take our advice and make steady improvements for the company.

Hopefully the team at EasyWays found plenty of benefit in the work we carried out and advice we provided.

They offer an excellent service, helping get people active and out into nature and we wish them all the best.

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