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Southside Property Management, an established and rapidly expanding client, handed Creo Design a brief with a clear and direct mission: to rejuvenate their website in a manner that would seamlessly integrate with the likes of RightMove and OntheMarket. Recognising the importance of a smoothly operating interface with these third-party advertisers was pivotal for the business’s efficiency and reach.

Through a process of collaboration and understanding of our client’s needs, we began to rebuild the Southside Property Management website from the ground up. Taking into account the specific requirements of property websites such as RightMove and OntheMarket, we created a design that would seamlessly integrate with these platforms. Our aim was to ensure a fluid transfer of data between the site and the third-party platforms, reducing load times and increasing efficiency.

The finished product exceeded Southside Property Management’s expectations. The redesigned website not only works seamlessly with RightMove and OntheMarket, but it also offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for visitors. Its professional look and feel encapsulate the company’s ethos, while its functional efficiency improves the overall effectiveness of Southside Property Management’s online presence.

Who Worked on this Project?

Ryan Mitchell

Development Director

Natalie Good

UX Designer

Steven Martin

Web & Videography