Classic Recipes, Modern Touch

For over a year, Creo has had the privilege of working with Grant’s, a brand steeped in tradition since its inception in a Glasgow butcher shop in 1885. Our collaboration aimed to revitalise Grant’s brand identity while respecting its rich heritage. The journey began with a comprehensive Brand Workshop, where we dug deep into the brand and its goals.

Heritage Rebranded: Reimagining Grant’s Signature Look

After a successful and engaging Brand Workshop, we set out to modernise Grant’s product labels, ensuring they stand out in international supermarkets yet retain their classic appeal.

This balance of old and new was crucial in maintaining the essence of the brand. Our copywriting team refined Grant’s tone of voice and clarified its brand values, enhancing consistency across all communications.

Product Photography: Capturing the Taste of Tradition

Photography played a pivotal role in our strategy, capturing the authenticity of Grant’s products through images of their delicious products. This involved a very enjoyable cooking and tasting session for the Creo team!

Marketing Collateral: Eye-Catching New Sales Tools

As part of the process with Grant’s, we focused on creating striking new sales tools to enhance their market presence. The rebranded cans and tins were designed to capture attention on supermarket shelves across the UK and abroad.

These new labels balance modern aesthetics with traditional elements, ensuring that Grant’s products stand out amongst the competition while staying true to their heritage.

This rebranding effort plays a crucial role in promoting the brand’s identity and appeal, reinforcing its position in the market and ultimately driving sales.

Preserving Tradition: Embracing the Future

The collaboration with Grant’s is a testament to Creo’s ability to fuse tradition with modernity, helping a historic brand redefine itself while remaining true to its roots.

Brought to Life: A Year in the Making

“I was really excited to see the design in my local shop. It’s amazing to think of the long road to get to this point, and how many people were involved to get this onto the shelf. It has been such a long and comprehensive project for the team, and seeing it brought to life at this level feels very rewarding. ”

- Dan Laing, Graphic Designer

Who Worked on this Project?

George Glen

Brand Director

Daniel Lang

Graphic Designer

Rob Jones

Video & Animation

Cara Smillie

Videographer & Editor

Ryan Mitchell

Development Director