22nd August 2023

Ingrained Culture | Specialist Support Recap

At Creo Design, our framework partnership with South Ayrshire Council enables us to offer invaluable specialist support to various businesses, and recently, we had the privilege of assisting Ingrained Culture, a fascinating and impressive business, specialising in remarkable wooden monuments and signage.

What is Ingrained Culture?

Founded by the astoundingly talented Robert Lawrence, Ingrained Culture specialises in traditional craftsmanship, having learned his trade from his father and grandfather. Robert, a dedicated Woodcarver & Artificer, has carved a niche in creating UK’s most refined, bespoke wooden house and business signs.

But his brilliance doesn’t end there. Going beyond signs, Robert offers eco-friendly wooden memorials, catering to both personal remembrances and larger community public spaces. Every creation, robust and beautifully constructed, stems from 100% legal and sustainable British wood, solidifying the brand’s commitment to the environment.

How Creo Helped the Business

Robert may have mastered the intricacies of wood, but required our expertise in navigating the digital forest. As part of our framework with South Ayrshire Council, we carried out specialist support with Robert, focusing primarily on his requirements for marketing and aiding with his social media presence.

Our social media experts delved deep into Facebook, unveiling its potential to Robert. Google Ads weren’t left behind either and our team provided insights on optimising them for maximum reach. Newsletters, a powerful tool in our digital age, were discussed at length, ensuring Robert could communicate with his clients effectively and personally.

The result? Robert’s testimonial says it all:“I asked for some advice in digital marketing. Tom at Creo Design was quick and efficient. He looked closely at what I was doing and pointed out where I could improve results, plus Tom came in with new ideas. Tom’s analysis has since proved to have been right.”

Specialist Support for South Ayrshire Businesses

Supporting businesses like Ingrained Culture is what drives us at Creo Design. Witnessing experts like Robert flourish with our guidance is truly rewarding. If you, like Robert, are seeking to elevate your business’s digital presence, we’re just an email away. Let our expertise propel you forward, just as it did for Ingrained Culture.

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