First Time Inside

As a design team Creo has been tasked with completing a myriad of projects, some infinitely more technical than others, on behalf of a wide range of clients. The process is always interesting from a technical perspective and in many cases educational in the sense that we get to learn a little about not only what our clients’ business is about but also the market in which they operate.

When we were approached by the team at First Time Inside to design their site we were, as always, pleased to take on a new client as well as learning a little about their approach to a very special niche market.

First Time Inside aim to offer a range of support services aimed at making someone’s first experience of prison less traumatic than it can be. Working with offenders and/or their solicitors they hope to plug what they have identified as a gap in the justice system.

Stealing a phrase they used themselves, “You can’t truly understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. The process has once again been educational but also a little sobering when you examine the project itself.

Find out more, visit

Excel Environmental

As an existing print client, Excel approached us to design and develop a site that could by used by both them and their commercial customers to generate and view inspection reports. The website would also work as a tool for residential customers to interact with their services.

Pests are not the prettiest things to photograph. Kevin decided instead to get some great shots of the companies fleet and staff members that would then feature on the website.

If you would like to find out more about Excel Environmental please visit


FearFit Personal Training

Scott from FearFit approached us looking to design a new brand and develop marketing materials including a new client facing website. George worked closely with Scott on the brand before passing to Kevin for Photography.

Scott from FearFit approached us looking to design a new brand and develop marketing materials including a new client facing website. George worked closely with Scott on the brand before passing to Kevin for Photography.

With the new brand and photography complete, Ryan designed and developed the new website. For more information on Fearfit visit


Worksmart Fire Door Inspection

We recently created the brand and marketing materials for Worksmart Fire Door Inspection.

“Fire doors are an essential line of defense in a fire and can mean the difference between life and death. When a fire occurs they prevent the spread of fire and smoke, protect escape routes and provide precious minutes for people trying to escape – BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE WORKING PROPERLY.”

For more information on their services visit

Gymmies Kitchen

One of our current clients referred Ryan Leslie of Gymmies Kitchen to us.

Initially we discussed the design and development of a new website, what followed has been an exciting project consisting of food photography, packaging design, video shoots and regular tasting samples! (We recommend the Chicken Satay, it’s delicious!)

Ryan provides 3 variations across a wide selection of healthy meals. Lean, Maintain and Gain. These help track protein, fat and calorie intake on a daily basis.

Delivered to selected gyms in your area or straight to your home address.

Ryan has seen a significant increase in orders since the launch of his website and we’re looking forward to working with him more over the rest of the year.

A full case study of the project will be available soon.

Order today at

Barnhill Cattery Website Launch

We have just launched Barnhill Cattery’s new website following the new brand which George worked together with Vicky over the past few months to purrr..fect.

The website will allow Vicky and Basil (cat and Managing Director) to take online booking enquiries and show off some of the amazing chalets on offer. We sent Kev to take some pictures of the Cattery and with the weather being so good we managed to get some great Arial footage of the whole area.

With the site launching Vicky asked us to create some trifold leaflets to help get the word out there about the business, brand and direct people to their new website.

We wish Vicky, Basil and all the team the very best, for more information on a 5 star Cattery in Ayrshire, visit the website at

Achieve More Scotland

Achieve More Scotland approached us looking to update their existing website. We have worked over the past few months to achieve something that is friendly to use and great to look at. Working closely with Luna providing us great images and content for the site has helped us create something we are happy to shout about.

“Thanks very much for such an open and constant communication, It has been a great experience working with Creo and with Ryan in particular.” Luna Carmona

Darcey’s Candles

We started working with the Darcettes last year developing a new eCommerce web design solution to replace their existing system. Darcey’s has grown from strength to strength in the past year with a growing network of sales reps and have now expanded into Ireland.

Darcey’s is an ongoing project that we look to help grow over the next year challenging ourselves on new and innovative ways to interact on the web.

The new website was initially launched in November 2017 and we think it looks pretty slick, with a very simple user interface allowing reps to easily purchase online.

We continue ongoing development to help streamline the sales process for the Darcey’s Candles team and Darcettes through the UK and Ireland.

Visit Darcey’s Candles and have a look around.