Branding Touchpoints – How important are they?

Are your company’s branding touchpoints on point? Do they tell the story of your business and exude the energy and message you need it to? Is company branding or touchpoints really that important?

Your brand image will be the first impression with your customer.

Whether you are Business to Business or Business to Consumer, your buyer will immediately – and harshly – judge your service and quality of product based solely on that first impression.

Therefore, to earn trust and credibility, your brand touch points have to be consistent…

What are Branding Touchpoints?

We try to avoid the overused marketing jargon but try to stick with us here…

Brand touchpoints can be broken into 3 categories:

  • Pre-Purchase Experience
  • Purchase Experience
  • Post-Purchase Experience

As has been discussed numerous times by designers and marketers alike:

“Your logo is not your brand” fair enough – and hopefully the above diagram demonstrates that.

However, focusing solely on your logo / brand mark for the moment – Each colour and font do tell a story.

They can portray your brand as fun or serious, luxury or economic, adventurous or safe.

Take for example a recent branding project we undertook.

Modish Furnishing are a Glasgow based furniture retailer. They specialise in luxury furniture items sourced from high-end manufacturers around the world.

Modish Furnishing Branding Project
Modish Furnishing Branding Project

Their branding touchpoints need to have a premium look. Customers need to feel like they are buying from a high-end brand when they shop with Modish.

This helps to build trust among a company’s community of customers and create a genuine, recognisable brand image.

Our branding experts studied Modish, asked questions, learned about their goals and who their target audience were. We conducted our Brand Story Telling Workshop – Using the information gathered from this exercise, we set to work on creating a consistent and considered brand guidelines.

To find out more about Brand Story Telling Workshop, drop us message at [email protected] and we can do the rest.

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