Brand Storytelling Workshop – The Pickle Pack

What do you get when you cross an ex-Royal Marine, some pickles and our Brand Storytelling Workshop? You get one of the most fun and interesting brand story development projects we’ve worked on!

The client, an ex-Royal Marine who takes on ultramarathons for fun, came to us to discuss his new business adventure. He wants to take his idea – The Pickle Pack – and make it a staple pub and bar snack across the UK.

His own love of pickles developed while travelling across the United States, where eating pickles as a casual snack is much more common. He decided he wanted to bring that idea home and introduce it to the UK market.

However, as with most new companies, he had no idea about marketing or branding.

And that’s where Creo enter the fray.

Using our expertise in design, branding and tone of voice, we set about creating a ‘brand bible’, logo, brand guidelines and food packaging concept designs for the Pickle Pack. All of these jigsaw pieces come together to create your company’s brand story.

A brand bible for your brand story

At the end of our bespoke Brand Storytelling Workshop, we presented the Pickle Pack with a document. This ‘brand bible’ – as we are affectionately calling it – can be called upon whenever they put out marketing materials, social media campaigns or targeted email campaigns.

It answers three of the most important questions in branding:

Who are you?

What do you do?

Why does it matter?


These may seem like simple questions, but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.

For the Pickle Pack, we answered them and a whole lot more.

Using this information, our tone of voice specialists drilled down on the language that the company should use. The correct language allows a brand to express its personality to its core audience and create a rapport.

We determined the Brand Mission, Brand Vision, Brand Values and detailed some of the company’s key demographics.

All of this information is now available to the Pickle Pack in one document that they can refer back to whenever necessary.

Brand Story Development The Pickle Pack

Brand Guidelines and Packaging Concepts

Our designers created eye-catching concepts which the client was delighted with. These concepts took everything we discussed during our workshop into account, from target audience to brand personality.

The logo was created with the brand personality at the forefront of our thoughts, as we wanted to showcase the Pickle Pack as fun, friendly and accessible.

Throughout the packaging you can find small nods to the company’s bubbly and entertaining personality.

We wanted the Pickle Pack to grab the attention of people standing in the pub or scanning supermarket shelves. The packaging has been designed to stand out from the crowd, while also intriguing and entertaining hungry pickle-lovers.

This was a tremendously fun project to work on and we hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Pickle Pack in the years to come.

Are you in a pickle with your own brand story? Unsure how to present your brand to the world?

Our Brand Storytelling Workshop might be the perfect thing for you and your business.

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