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Last month we posted on our social media accounts about an exciting tender win. The win gave us the opportunity to work with Falkirk Council on a consultancy basis, helping businesses with social media strategy, SEO and other issues.

Our role would be to assist businesses in Falkirk by offering our expertise in all areas of marketing.

Over the next few weeks we’ll go into more detail about each of the fantastic businesses we have been working with. Hopefully we were able to add value to their business and give them the tools they need to grow.

One of the companies we were tasked with helping with their social media strategy was Pro Performance Goalkeeping.

Founded by current Raith Rovers goalkeeper Robbie Thomson, Pro Performance Goalkeeping offers specialised training tailored specifically towards goalkeepers.

Clients range from young children right through to amateur and even full-time professionals looking to gain an edge out with their current club training.

The football-daft ones on our team were more than happy to work on this project and offer our own specialised training to Robbie.

Having set up the business a few years ago, Robbie was seeking help with social media and SEO. Despite his website looking superb, some competitors were still ranking ahead of him.

After carrying out a lot of competitor research and looking into the industry, we compiled a strategy document to help Pro Performance Goalkeeping improve their social media marketing and SEO.

Having discussed everything to do with the business in our meetings – plus a bit of general football chat! – we made sure to address the issues causing him the most problems.

One of the main problems facing Robbie is time. Just as with most businesses, time is a precious resource.

All of our advice was given with this in mind and we also gave some suggestions which we feel will help save him time in the long run.

Robbie is an astute young man with a lot of passion for his company and his clients. We’ve no doubt that he’ll take our advice on board and implement positive changes for his business.

If there are any goalkeepers reading this, or parents of young goalkeepers, and you’d like some expert training – visit Robbie’s website.

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SEO Strategy: Is there an Easy Way?

Last month we announced a very exciting tender win. The opportunity was to work with Falkirk Council on a consultancy basis, assisting businesses in Falkirk and providing our expertise. Needless to say, this was an incredible experience and one we are very grateful for.

Over the coming weeks we will go into more detail about some of the businesses we worked with. Hopefully we were able to add value to their business and give them the information and tools they need to progress.

EasyWays Walking Holidays

One of the companies we were tasked with helping was EasyWays.

EasyWays offer guided and self-guided walking holidays in Scotland and across Europe. When it comes to SEO, it was they who required our guidance though.

SEO is complex.

There are many facets to it and it’s very difficult to know where to begin.

This was the challenge facing Karynna and the team, and the reason they approached Falkirk Council seeking help.

We had a great time meeting and working with everyone at EasyWays. We discussed everything to do with the business, including all of the challenges they were facing.

From there, we compiled reports and did analysis on their competitors. This research allowed us to get a feel for the industry and see what kinds of SEO strategies other people in the space were following.

After a few meetings and a lot of behind-the-scenes research, we were able to provide EasyWays with a final strategy document.

SEO Strategy Document

This document outlined our recommendations and advice regarding SEO. The document listed several key action points which we believe will help EasyWays improve their SEO strategy.

As well as these recommendations, we provided keyword reports and backlink reports. These can be used to help guide them when it comes to implementing a backlink strategy and ensuring they are targeting the best keywords.

What was promising for us was how keen and passionate Karynna was. She was making positive changes to the EasyWays website before we even provided our final strategy document.

Her eagerness to learn was great to see and we have no doubts she’ll be able to take our advice and make steady improvements for the company.

Hopefully the team at EasyWays found plenty of benefit in the work we carried out and advice we provided.

They offer an excellent service, helping get people active and out into nature and we wish them all the best.

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We hired a new UX Designer!

Here at Creo, we’re always looking to add great talent to our team. This goes for our web developers, marketers, designers and more. Recently though, we’ve taken a step that we hope will help us give clients an even better web design experience – we’ve hired a UX Designer!

Can we meet her?

Of course you can!

Her name is Tara and she comes from Sligo, Ireland.

After recently graduating from Letterkenny IT with a BA (Hons) in Graphic and Digital Design, she’s taken the brave and inspiring decision to leave her home country to join us here at Creo.

And we are delighted to have her on board!

She’s the first UX Designer we’ve had on our team, and we believe her addition will allow us to deliver a much more efficient service for our clients.

But what does a UX Designer actually do?

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tara to discuss her role at Creo.

“So, umm… what exactly does a UX Designer do?” I asked her.

She responded by telling me that she designs layouts, designs and features that display the client’s services in a way that is appealing to their target audience.

For each project, Tara will meet with the client to discuss website content, analyse the current site, research their competitors and produce a wireframe of the new website design in Adobe XD.

A key part of the role is to design how the website works in terms of navigation, functionality and usability.

This makes everyone else’s job on the team much easier and makes Creo’s overall process more efficient.

Being able to improve our web design process is crucial for us to be able to offer an overall better and faster service to our clients.

Building a new website is complicated. Being able to simplify it will make the world of difference.

And what about Creo’s new recruit away from the laptop?

Well, you’ll find her hiking with her dog, Apollo.

Is your website working for you? Could it be better?

Contact us today and our web development team will arrange a call  to discuss further.

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The Excitement of a New Project: Graphic Design for JOY

MicrosoftTeams-image (8)

It’s always exciting when a new project is signed off. This latest graphic design project with jewellery maker JOY by Corrine Smith was fun and exciting from the get-go. Corrine Smith approached us looking for a new card to be designed that could accompany jewellery purchased by her customers. We took on the challenge and were so pleased with how it turned out!

The goal of the card was to make the colours in each of JOY’s stunning necklaces stand out.

As with any project, especially graphic design projects, research is crucial if you’re going to be successful and create something your client loves.

We began the project by looking into the various birthstones and their different geometrical shapes and colours. This information would act as the building blocks for the designs our graphic designers could use.

Research is key

A great place to start for these projects is Pinterest. With so many great ideas available, we like to set up a Pinterest board which helps us to gather and share ideas with our clients.

The first design we put together consisted of 12 separate art boards. Each art board had its own unique design and colour palette, but once brought together would create a gemstone.

After that, the second design created was simplified, but still in-keeping with the original concept of splitting the gem into different cards.

The client was happy with the foundations of the second set of designs, but still wanted a few tweaks to be made.

Communication aids design

Clear communication with our clients is something we really value and is worth its weight in gold on a project- pun intended.

After initial meetings and talks, it can be easy to head off and get on with a project without conversing more with the client.

Oftentimes this leads to you straying off the path and veering too far away from the clients’ needs.

For graphic design projects it’s especially important to regularly update the client. The best designer in the world might have a completely different idea of what is ‘good’ to the client.

This is why when we take on a project, we are always working with our client in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

After further discussions we decided the best option would be splitting each stone between two months. For example, January and February would be one pair.

graphic design project for jewellery designer

Each card can stand on its own and the design creates a unique gem pattern.

The success of this project was a combination of talented designers and a great client.

The geometric shapes associated with birthstones really lend themselves to this type of project.

Meetings with the client allowed us to ensure we had the right colour palette and layout for each design.

Successful graphic design project

This graphic design process was a great collaboration between the client and our graphic designers.

Corrine Smith is a fantastic jewellery maker with beautiful pieces to purchase. We highly recommend you check out her website or Instagram for some gorgeous inspiration!

And if you want a custom graphic design card made too, or any type of design for that matter, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us today and our design experts will arrange a call with you to discuss further.

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Your Business and your Brand | How Important is Branding?

Creo Branding Quote

What is a brand and why is it so important?

This is the question every business asks themselves.

We all know a great brand when we see one.

The best brands speak to us. They make us feel something.

Why does Adidas or Bentley make you feel differently from Reebok or Hyundai?

How does one brand differentiate itself from another?


Take a look at your competitors and consider which ones are doing better and which ones are doing worse.

Now consider that they are most likely selling the same products as you.

How can one company be doing it better than another?

That’s the beautiful thing about a brand… it’s not about what you say it is… it’s about what they say it is.

The customer will decide where to shop and develop their own internal idea about a brand.

Your brand defines the way you will be perceived by potential customers. It allows you to create a meaningful bond with people and helps to define who you are.

When I walk into a shop to make a purchase, which of the thousands of different brands should I choose from?

Brand Story Development The Pickle Pack
Does your brand help you stand out?

Which branding speaks to me more? Which one fills me with confidence?

These are subconscious questions we constantly ask ourselves when choosing to spend our money on goods or services.

Branding is an ultra-powerful tool that when used correctly will make you stand apart from your competition.

By presenting a clear and consistent brand personality to your audience, you will increase your chances of achieving your goals as a business.

Nailing down your company’s brand allows you to develop strategies in other areas of your business.

Brand is the foundation from which design, marketing, tone of voice and even company culture grows.

That means it’s pretty important you get your branding spot on!

branding around office
Office Branding Project

In today’s world, it’s more important to speak to a consumer’s feelings than their actual needs.

Does anyone really need a £500 belt or a £10,000 watch? Probably not… but it makes them feel like they’re part of something and helps to define who they are.

When you sell something, you’re selling a lifestyle as much as you are a product.

But how do you go about finding your own brand style?

What defines you as a company?

Brand Story Workshop

Through our Brand Workshop, we sit down with clients across multiple sessions and really get into the nitty gritty of their brand.

We help clients to define who they are, what they stand for, why they’re doing what they’re doing and much more.

From here, we take these guidelines and develop them further into tone of voice and design work.

For anyone struggling with branding this is an excellent way to create a solid strategy to help move your business forward.

Contact us today and our branding experts will arrange a call with you to discuss further.

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Growing your business with data

the importance of google analytics

The importance of Google Analytics

User acquisition. Conversion tracking. Return on Investment. Analytics. Most people switch off when it’s time to crunch the numbers and go into their Google Analytics.

But understanding the data behind your website is crucial.

If you don’t understand your customers, how can you expect to grow?

The story behind the numbers

While the numbers surrounding users, session duration, bounce rate and pages per visit might look confusing, there’s a story behind each one.

Drilling down on the data and working out what it all means is the most important thing.

The data paints a picture of how your web visitors are interacting with your website. By looking deeper into this, we start to see patterns of behaviour.

People might be landing on a certain page and leaving immediately.


Could the page itself be the problem? Is the imagery or copy engaging enough? Is there something wrong with the layout?

Maybe you aren’t getting the sales you were expecting, are people leaving before the checkout page?

Is there a reason?

Are people visiting your site on a mobile device leaving immediately?

Does that mean your website isn’t mobile-friendly enough?

Looking into your analytics will help you to better understand what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.

Bespoke Google Analytics reports

The problem we come across with many businesses is simply one of resources. People within a company are too busy running the day-to-day to delve into the granular details of Google Analytics.

Not just that, but Analytics can be quite an overwhelming tool if you don’t know how to use it.

That’s why we work with so many companies who are more than happy to delegate the task to our Analytics experts at Creo.

Instead of you having to train someone within your business to use the software and spend valuable time on it, you can simply allow us to handle it.

We specialise in creating bespoke Google Analytics reports for our clients. Using the most relevant data to your business, we will tailor your report and produce it at the end of each month.

This allows you to easily see what’s going on with your website and compare the progress month on month.

Our clients who use this service take our reports and then discuss what they can do to improve the situation.

Having a full picture of what’s going on behind the scenes of your website will give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

How long have you been ignoring your analytics for? Maybe it’s time to get serious about it and give us a call or drop us a message.

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Run More Effective Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Effective Instagram and Facebook ads

We’ve spoken before about the power of Facebook and Instagram ads, but today we want to show you a real-life example of their effectiveness.

Selling online isn’t always easy. There will be high and low points. A high-performing ad campaign one week might product no results the following week.

For this reason, it’s important you have someone monitoring your campaigns. They need constant attention – treat your ad campaigns like a new-born baby or a puppy!

So… what happened to make us write this blog?

Well, we have a client. A great client. One we’ve worked with for many years. These are the best types of clients: the ones you can build a lasting relationship with.

‘So what does this client do?’ I hear you asking…

Well, this client sells premium furniture online – a lot of high-class Italian ranges from the biggest luxury brand names.

Over the last few months they’ve been selling rattan garden furniture from their website.

As you can imagine, with lockdowns, (some) good weather and a lack of international travel – garden furniture has been selling pretty well.

This is in large part thanks to the garden furniture ad campaigns we’ve been running for the client on Facebook and Instagram.

Since first launching the campaign on 10 May, there have been 45 website purchases directly attributed to this campaign with a Return on Ad Spend of 21.46.

That means that for every £1 spent on the campaign, £21.46 has been generated.

As ROAS goes, that’s definitely one that will give you a happy client.

But what happens when sales slow down?

We’re not going to pretend campaigns are always brilliant. Nor can we ever guarantee they will deliver.

Some don’t.

That’s just the nature of Facebook ads.

When things do start to stagnate or slow down, there are some things we can do though.

Despite the huge success of this campaign, sales started to dry up at the beginning of August.

This could be down to a number of factors: Summer coming to an end? People bored of seeing the same ad? Everyone who wants to buy has already bought?

It was hard to pinpoint one reason for the drop in sales, but we knew we had to make a change.

It was the first time since the campaign launched that there were 7 consecutive days without a sale.

But what to change?

How do we reinvigorate a campaign? How do you entice people to buy who, as yet, haven’t pulled the trigger?

We decided to do a few things:

Focus targeting further South – Sorry Scotland, but our weather just isn’t as good as our English neighbours. With longer Summers than us, we figured there would be more people further South still looking for garden furniture.

Create an offer – Everyone loves an offer. That feeling that you got something on the cheap. With the client, we decided to reduce the cost of each garden set by 20%, in the hope that this would encourage people to make a purchase.

Retarget – An offer is only good if it’s being served to the right audience. We made sure we would be targeting people who had viewed the products on offer over the course of the Summer but hadn’t made a purchase.

What were the results?

After making the changes on Friday, there had been six sales by the time we sat down to work again on Monday morning.

Return on Ad Spend over the weekend?


£42.76 generated for every £1 spent.

That’s a good result in anyone’s book.

We mentioned at the beginning about Facebook/Instagram ads being a powerful tool. Many businesses still don’t understand just how effective they can be in generating sales or leads.

Hopefully this example will give you an idea of how much of a game-changer a well-managed Facebook Ads strategy can be.

If you’re interested in sitting down with our Facebook Ads experts, drop us a message and we can discuss your business and how you can best utilise Facebook Ads.

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You can’t win anything with kids… or can you?

Deep end

When former Scotland international Alan Hansen uttered those now famous words in 1995, many people would have nodded in agreement. After all, people aren’t always keen to put their trust in young talent. This isn’t the case with Creo though…

A few months back, we posted about a talented young graphic designer. Chloe joined us on a summer placement to help out on various projects. Such was her talent and personality, we decided to invite her back once her placement was complete.

We must have made a good impression on her too as she was quick to accept our offer!

She’s been very much thrown into the deep end on quite a few projects – there’s no better way for a young person to learn!

Brand Development Work

One special mention has to go to the way she handled herself in a meeting a couple of weeks ago. Creo is currently working on a brand redevelopment project for an Ayrshire town.

Chloe was tasked with creating some of the designs for the project… what she wasn’t aware of, however, was that she would be presenting them to the committee members herself!

Despite her nerves, she handled it like a pro and presented her work brilliantly.

The feedback on her designs was positive too, and we were able to move the project forward.

Input on Graphic Design Projects

Chloe has also been getting more and more involved in other projects, including a new ladies clothing brand. Her eye for design and female input has definitely been a big help to the rest of the team on that particular project.

She’s also helping some of our older team members acclimatise to TikTok!

One of the main things we’ve learned as a business is that when you believe in people and give them responsibility, they will deliver more often than not.

So many businesses fail to trust their employees, let alone their younger staff members.

We’ve had great success by giving our team members the freedom to perform and encouraging them to take on more responsibility within the business and with clients.

Alan Hansen’s comments went down in history when Manchester United’s youngsters proved him wrong.

The great Sir Alex Ferguson was smart enough to trust in youth; maybe in another life he could have run a creative design agency!

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Businesses who do this are getting ahead of their competition

facebook retargeting ads

It’s happened to us all.

You’re browsing a website on your phone, looking for a new car, mobile phone or pair of shoes.

Instinctively, you close the browser and jump onto Facebook or Instagram for a scroll.

In amongst the funny dog videos, your best friend’s dinner and your aunt sharing a dodgy competition for a free Range Rover… it happens.

You’re fed an ad.

What’s interesting about this ad though?

Well, it’s for the exact same product you were just looking at.

In many cases, it won’t even be from the same website you were on.

How did this happen? What is this sorcery? How did they know what I was looking for?

Without even realising it, you’ve been retargeted.

Using retargeting ads on Facebook & Instagram

Retargeting ads are how e-commerce businesses convert interested users to paying customers.

They work by targeting people who have either already visited your website, or who have visited a website similar to yours looking for the products you sell.

This is why if you’re shopping on IKEA’s website, you may start getting ads from Wayfair.

These ads are very clever and can be tremendously effective.

Companies who sell online are missing out on a lot of customers by not utilising Facebook’s powerful advertising tools.

Garden Furniture Advertising Campaign

At the beginning of summer, this client began selling garden furniture. Last year, they saw mixed results with garden furniture on their website.

This year, they decided they needed to do something different.

Starting with a budget of just £5 per day on ad spend, this client has seen an incredible ROI on their investment on Facebook ads.

The campaign has been running since the end of April and has seen a return on ad spend of almost 24. This means for every £1 spent, £24 has been made directly from the ads.

It’s fair to say this client made the right decision appointing Creo to handle this ad campaign.

Multiple Campaigns

One way to maximise your chance of success is to run multiple campaigns. This allows you to compensate if one or more of your campaigns isn’t getting the results you wish.

We began working with a new client in May selling health items on their e-commerce website and have ran multiple campaigns in that time.

As you can see below, of the 8 campaigns, the average across the board was highly successful, with a 6.22 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

What do retargeting ads cost?

Your budget depends on you. Some companies spend thousands of pounds per day on ads, others as low as £5 or £10.

Depending on your product, its price point, the potential return on investment (ROI), and the quality of your ads, you will see varying results.

Retargeting ads for your business

There is no doubt about it, without running ads, you will fall behind your competition.

Every day you aren’t running ads, more and more customers are seeing your competitors’ ads over and over again as they scroll through social media.

Creo runs ad campaigns for various clients spanning different industries.

If you’re looking to take your sales to the next level through Facebook/Instagram ads, get in touch today.

Our social media marketing experts will arrange a call with you to discuss your business, the products you’re looking to sell and how we can help.

Creo will give you strategy and direction to achieve your short and long-term goals as an e-commerce business.

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Job Opportunity at Creo


We’re looking to hire a Front-End Web Designer as part of the Creative Team at Creo.

We are looking for an individual to display their skillset, share opinions and have a direct input in our creative projects. We are at heart a design agency but looking for someone with the skills to work from design concept through to project development and delivery.

As a Front-End Web Designer, you will be expected to design top-class websites from scratch and develop them in popular CMS platforms, including but not limited to WordPress.

Our client base is diverse; we service niche engineering companies, mainstream e-commerce markets, micro businesses, SME’s, international brands and the public sector across the UK and Europe.

We require a confident and pro-active person, with strong communication skills who is comfortable liaising and presenting to clients and their internal team.

We are based in Ayrshire and Glasgow, while we do support remote working we would require travel into the office and to visit clients when necessary.

Essential Requirements:

  • HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Proven experience using the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience working with CMS including WordPress
  • Familiarity with browser testing and debugging
  • Understanding of the design and development process (Waterfall)
  • Strong Communication Skills

Desired Experience

  • Working knowledge of PHP
  • Working knowledge or jQuery and JavaScript
  • Agency or similar experience working with clients
  • Good communication skills
  • Relevant degree or college diploma

How to Apply

To apply please send your portfolio and CV to [email protected]