Job Opportunity at Creo

We’re looking to hire a Front-End Web Designer as part of the Creative Team at Creo.

We are looking for an individual to display their skillset, share opinions and have a direct input in our creative projects. We are at heart a design agency but looking for someone with the skills to work from design concept through to project development and delivery.

As a Front-End Web Designer, you will be expected to design top-class websites from scratch and develop them in popular CMS platforms, including but not limited to WordPress.

Our client base is diverse; we service niche engineering companies, mainstream e-commerce markets, micro businesses, SME’s, international brands and the public sector across the UK and Europe.

We require a confident and pro-active person, with strong communication skills who is comfortable liaising and presenting to clients and their internal team.

We are based in Ayrshire and Glasgow, while we do support remote working we would require travel into the office and to visit clients when necessary.

Essential Requirements:

  • HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Proven experience using the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience working with CMS including WordPress
  • Familiarity with browser testing and debugging
  • Understanding of the design and development process (Waterfall)
  • Strong Communication Skills

Desired Experience

  • Working knowledge of PHP
  • Working knowledge or jQuery and JavaScript
  • Agency or similar experience working with clients
  • Good communication skills
  • Relevant degree or college diploma

How to Apply

To apply please send your portfolio and CV to [email protected]

New Website Launch – Making a House a ‘Hame’

We’re not going to lie, the Creo office could certainly be doing with some help from an interior designer. Nothing major, we’re all clean and make sure to tidy up after ourselves, but just a few touches here and there to add a bit of je ne sais quoi.

You know what we mean, something unique and tasteful. A few pieces to add a bit more life to a space. The people at Bonnie Hame definitely know what we mean. We’ve recently launched their new website, where they offer unique furniture items and an interior décor subscription box.

The founders are passionate about home trends and furnishings. Bonnie Hame wants to help you make your house feel like a home, or to use the Scottish term: hame.

They place a lot of value in sustainability and their connection to both their Indian and Scottish heritage.

As for our role in their new venture, we developed the website from scratch. We also advised them on the best practices with regards to uploading products and writing copy for the descriptions.

E-Commerce Website Design

With the design and build of this e-commerce platform, we wanted to make it as simple and clean as possible. The main reason people are visiting this site is to view the beautiful products on offer, and nothing should take away from that.

When you land on the site, you are greeted by a vibrant, eye-catching slider banner image.

e commerce website

Instantly, your eyes will be drawn to the ‘Shop Now’ button. Placing this call-to-action front and centre is designed to take people to the shop right away. Minimising the required time for someone to get to the shop is important.

We often see websites where a user needs to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the shop. Creo creates intuitive and user-friendly websites with a clear strategy for user flow.

Subscription Boxes

During the website brief, Bonnie Hame specified that in the initial stages of launch, their main goal would be to sell furniture. They anticipated the subscription box would, over time, begin to outpace the furniture sales.

For this reason, we’ve used the second banner image on homepage to highlight the subscription box.

e commerce web design

Again, there is a button in the middle of the banner which will take the user directly to the subscription box section.

We used contrasting colours on the banner images to help draw the eye and the pink and blue really gives you a feel for Bonnie Hame as a brand.

Without having to scroll, someone visiting the Bonnie Hame website can easily access the two most important parts of the site.

Build your new E-Commerce website

Are you starting a new business? Do you need an efficient, attractive and user-friendly e-commerce platform? Perhaps your current website isn’t bringing in the sales you need?

If you’d like to have a conversation about how we can help you, get in touch.

View our past case studies

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Facebook retargeting campaigns and Google Ads campaigns

With millions of potential customers and clients out there, the most important thing is getting your products and services in front of them. With Facebook retargeting and Google ads campaigns, we can do just that.

You need your business to get noticed.

But the competition is fierce.

How can you get ahead of your competitors and ensure your brand is the one they choose?

This is where our targeted marketing comes in.

Facebook retargeting campaigns

One of the most important marketing strategies for a business is successfully retargeting its customers.

It’s one thing to have a lot of traffic coming to your website, but the majority won’t make a purchase or leave an enquiry on that first visit.

So, we need a way to successfully bring them back.

Business owners are losing out on valuable customers day after day simply because they don’t know how to bring them back.

Our retargeting campaigns on Facebook allow you to hit people who have previously visited your website, with the goal of bringing them back.

With the right combination of engaging written copy and attention-grabbing images or video, we can snare those potential customers and bring them back to you before they purchase from elsewhere.

If you use social media, you’ll have seen this in action yourself.

You visit a website then the next time you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram you’ll be bombarded with ads for similar products or services.

Retargeting campaigns on Facebook are a hugely powerful tool. If you aren’t currently doing it for your business, your competitors are already stealing a march on you.

Brand trust is important

By retargeting people who are already aware of your business and who have visited your website, we are delivering ads to users who are most likely to become customers.

When there is already some level of trust of a brand, someone is much more likely to make a purchase or perform a valuable action on your website.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads are another important weapon in our arsenal.

How often do you scroll past the ads after you’ve Googled something?

Very rarely, am I right?

By running campaigns on Google, we can make sure your business, products and services are at the top of the pile.

If someone is searching for your product, you need to make sure you are visible.

But everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, which means competition is fierce.

Google Ads is the quickest way to get your business appearing on the first page of results.

We can set up campaigns to target keywords specific to your business and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to ads.

We maintain and track all campaigns and can create monthly reports to keep you posted on your campaign’s progress.

Looking to start advertising? Are your current ads doing the trick?

If you’d like to discuss Facebook advertising or Google Ads campaigns, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Perhaps you are already running campaigns but feel the performance could be better?

We can help with that too.

Check out our past work and client testimonials by clicking here

Call us to discuss websites, marketing, video, copywriting, social media, animations and much much more.

01560 428 031 or 0141 488 1533

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Six Months with Creo

I don’t know about you, but time seems to be simultaneously flying and slowing down during this pandemic. 2020 feels like a blur and I’m not convinced it even really happened; can anyone confirm?

Anyway, on that note, it’s hard to believe our latest recruit Gary has been working with us for six months now.

Gary is a web developer and hails from the far-flung village of Tarbert, a cool 109 miles from our Stewarton office. He’s a prime example of how successful remote working can be – and how well Creo has managed to adapt and thrive throughout this pandemic.

Despite the physical distance, Gary has settled in nicely and is proving a great addition to the team. In his first six months, he has successfully signed off some fantastic projects.

Web Development Projects

First on his agenda after joining was the creation of a new website for Community Connections Group.

CCG was established in 2018 and provides accommodation for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 18. At their Lewis House accommodation, they offer a comfortable, homely environment for children and young people to receive care and support. Their goal is to help every child and young person fulfil their potential.

They required a new website to help get their story across and Creo delivered.

Most recently, Gary signed off a beautiful website for Instant Impact Group. Using the brand guidelines and imagery set out by the client, Gary built a website to help take Instant Impact Group’s online presence to the next level.

With testimonials, video and animation, the new website superbly displays the scope of Instant Impact’s commercial grounds maintenance and landscaping services and will help them to bring in new business for years to come.

High-End Client, High-End Website Design

The 21 Kitchens website was another one Gary was excited to get his teeth sunk into. As sellers of luxury kitchen installations with cutting-edge innovations and sophisticated finishes, 21 Kitchens needed a website to match the premium standard of their products.

Gary built a sleek website from the ground up. The new site displays the beautiful and varied array of kitchen installations available. Using high-quality imagery and sleek on-screen transitions, you can really get a feel for the standard of the kitchens.

A sophisticated booking service completes the website, allowing customers to easily arrange calls with 21 Kitchens’ expert installers.

More to come

As you’d expect here at Creo, we’re constantly taking on new projects. So Gary is already getting stuck into some tasty new web development projects.

We’re all looking forward to restrictions being eased and finally being allowed to meet in person.

Until then, our video calls on Teams will have to do!

Check out our past work and client testimonials by clicking here

Call us to discuss websites, marketing, video, copywriting, social media, animations and much much more.

01560 428 031 or 0141 488 1533

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Brand Storytelling Workshop – The Pickle Pack

The Pickle Pack Brand Development Packaging

What do you get when you cross an ex-Royal Marine, some pickles and our Brand Storytelling Workshop? You get one of the most fun and interesting brand story development projects we’ve worked on!

The client, an ex-Royal Marine who takes on ultramarathons for fun, came to us to discuss his new business adventure. He wants to take his idea – The Pickle Pack – and make it a staple pub and bar snack across the UK.

His own love of pickles developed while travelling across the United States, where eating pickles as a casual snack is much more common. He decided he wanted to bring that idea home and introduce it to the UK market.

However, as with most new companies, he had no idea about marketing or branding.

And that’s where Creo enter the fray.

Using our expertise in design, branding and tone of voice, we set about creating a ‘brand bible’, logo, brand guidelines and food packaging concept designs for the Pickle Pack. All of these jigsaw pieces come together to create your company’s brand story.

A brand bible for your brand story

At the end of our bespoke Brand Storytelling Workshop, we presented the Pickle Pack with a document. This ‘brand bible’ – as we are affectionately calling it – can be called upon whenever they put out marketing materials, social media campaigns or targeted email campaigns.

It answers three of the most important questions in branding:

Who are you?

What do you do?

Why does it matter?


These may seem like simple questions, but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.

For the Pickle Pack, we answered them and a whole lot more.

Using this information, our tone of voice specialists drilled down on the language that the company should use. The correct language allows a brand to express its personality to its core audience and create a rapport.

We determined the Brand Mission, Brand Vision, Brand Values and detailed some of the company’s key demographics.

All of this information is now available to the Pickle Pack in one document that they can refer back to whenever necessary.

Brand Story Development The Pickle Pack

Brand Guidelines and Packaging Concepts

Our designers created eye-catching concepts which the client was delighted with. These concepts took everything we discussed during our workshop into account, from target audience to brand personality.

The logo was created with the brand personality at the forefront of our thoughts, as we wanted to showcase the Pickle Pack as fun, friendly and accessible.

Throughout the packaging you can find small nods to the company’s bubbly and entertaining personality.

We wanted the Pickle Pack to grab the attention of people standing in the pub or scanning supermarket shelves. The packaging has been designed to stand out from the crowd, while also intriguing and entertaining hungry pickle-lovers.

This was a tremendously fun project to work on and we hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Pickle Pack in the years to come.

Are you in a pickle with your own brand story? Unsure how to present your brand to the world?

Our Brand Storytelling Workshop might be the perfect thing for you and your business.

Drop us an email on [email protected] if you’re interested in taking part in our Brand Storytelling Workshop.

Or you can call us on:

01560 428 031 or 0141 488 1533

Check out our past work and client testimonials by clicking here

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Website launch – The PT Hub

As you all know, web designers and body builders are cut from the same cloth…

That’s not strictly true, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get excited when the PT Hub approached us looking for a new website.

Based in Stewarton, the PT Hub is a private gym aimed at small groups and individuals looking to become the best version of themselves.

They offer results-driven personal training plans and in-depth nutritional info.

As a new company, they needed a strong website complete with multiple contact forms and downloadable exercise and nutrition guides.

Creo designed the website from scratch and built an attractive and functional user interface, offering everything the PT Hub’s clients need.

Working on this project was a real pleasure. We love working with people out making a real difference in people’s lives.

In this case, the PT Hub are benefitting our local community’s physical and mental health. Not to mention educating people on incredibly important topics such as nutrition.

The past year has been tough on everyone so getting people back exercising and socialising as soon as possible is vital for everyone’s mental and physical well-being.

By joining the PT Hub, members will be part of a friendly and supportive community where everyone is focused on becoming their best self. Surrounding yourself with people like this is a great way to go after your own goals too.

For Stewarton, it’s another boost to our local community to have companies and groups like this. Every healthy and happy person has a knock on effect, helping to spread the positivity around the town.

We very much enjoyed this project and wish the PT Hub lots of success.

Drop us an email on [email protected] to discuss new websites, marketing, branding, video or anything at all.

Or you can call us on:



Campervans and Staycations – Creo’s Brand Storytelling Workshop

When COVID turned the world upside down and cancelled our international travel plans, we all began to seek our holidays closer to home.   

Staycation – a vacation, but at home.  

Of all the new words, phrases, jargon, lingo and terminology we’ve learned during the pandemic, staycation is perhaps our favourite.  

It’s no surprise then that we were thrilled to be approached by Snug Scotland. Having recently started the campervan rental company, they needed a website, as well as guidance on their brand identity and marketing strategy.  

Before getting to work on the web design, Snug wanted to take part in our Brand Storytelling Workshop 

The workshop is designed to pick apart everything about a brand and identify the following:  

  • Research on your competitors  

  • Define your Mission and Vision (Find out your Why and How)

  • Establish your brands Tone of Voice 

  • Explore and Develop your Brand Archetypes

Brand Personality and Tone of Voice

By drilling down on these points, we are able to create guidelines for the company going forward. These guidelines establish the personality of your brand and provide in-depth detail about purpose and demographics.   

With Karen and David from Snug Scotland, asking these questions was a lot of fun. Over the course of a few engaging and productive sessions, we got to know them and the type of business they want Snug Scotland to be.  

Extensive competitor and industry research helped us to get a feel for everything going on in their world. Once all of our research was collated and we had established everything we needed to know, we created a document that can be used going forward for the business.  

Brand Marketing Guidelines

This is the document Snug will refer back to whenever they do any marketing. It’s the information they will consider for every social media post. It’s the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of their business. 

Customers engage with brands for a reason. They need to feel a connection to a brand in order to use their services and spend their money on them.  

Our Brand Storytelling Workshop explores this and helps businesses to understand what it means to have a brand personality. 

With Snug Scotland, that journey was a lot of fun. Just as we’re sure their lucky clients will have in their incredible campers. 

Drop us an email on [email protected] if you’re interested in taking part in our Brand Storytelling Workshop.

Or you can call us on:

01560 428 031 or 0141 488 1533


New Website for EMC Projects

Starting a new website from scratch can be a tricky thing for a company to do. A lot has to be taken into consideration and you have to ask yourself some serious questions:

  • What is my company?
  • What does the business stand for?
  • What do our target demographic want to see when they land on my page?

These were the questions plaguing EMC Projects when they approached us looking for the development of a fresh new website.

Building online presence

With no prior online presence, this was an opportunity to lay the foundations for the coming years and cement themselves as leading players in their industry.

EMC Projects specialise in electrical, mechanical and communications services. They are located in the Central Belt of Scotland and work on projects of all sizes, from small-scale office refurbishments to large scale commercial jobs.

They came to Creo seeking a new website with a modern brochure style look that could successfully inform and promote their business. The brief included having a large focus on highlighting the breadth of their mechanical, electrical and communications services.

Web development

As always, we were delighted to be approached by such an ambitious and forward-thinking company. Working with such people is always a joy. When both parties have concise goals and a passion to work to reach those targets, great things can happen.

We designed and built the site from scratch, providing all of the copywriting, brand guidelines, colour schemes, logo and fonts.

The turnaround time for this project was just a few weeks from start to finish and we hope to continue to work with EMC Projects in future in other areas such as marketing and video production.

View EMC’s new website by clicking here.

To find out more about web design or any of our other services, drop us message at [email protected] and we can do the rest.

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Branding Touchpoints – How important are they?

Are your company’s branding touchpoints on point? Do they tell the story of your business and exude the energy and message you need it to? Is company branding or touchpoints really that important?

Your brand image will be the first impression with your customer.

Whether you are Business to Business or Business to Consumer, your buyer will immediately – and harshly – judge your service and quality of product based solely on that first impression.

Therefore, to earn trust and credibility, your brand touch points have to be consistent…

What are Branding Touchpoints?

We try to avoid the overused marketing jargon but try to stick with us here…

Brand touchpoints can be broken into 3 categories:

  • Pre-Purchase Experience
  • Purchase Experience
  • Post-Purchase Experience

As has been discussed numerous times by designers and marketers alike:

“Your logo is not your brand” fair enough – and hopefully the above diagram demonstrates that.

However, focusing solely on your logo / brand mark for the moment – Each colour and font do tell a story.

They can portray your brand as fun or serious, luxury or economic, adventurous or safe.

Take for example a recent branding project we undertook.

Modish Furnishing are a Glasgow based furniture retailer. They specialise in luxury furniture items sourced from high-end manufacturers around the world.

Modish Furnishing Branding Project
Modish Furnishing Branding Project

Their branding touchpoints need to have a premium look. Customers need to feel like they are buying from a high-end brand when they shop with Modish.

This helps to build trust among a company’s community of customers and create a genuine, recognisable brand image.

Our branding experts studied Modish, asked questions, learned about their goals and who their target audience were. We conducted our Brand Story Telling Workshop – Using the information gathered from this exercise, we set to work on creating a consistent and considered brand guidelines.

To find out more about Brand Story Telling Workshop, drop us message at [email protected] and we can do the rest.

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Adding Live Chat to Your Website in 2021

Last week on the blog we discussed what trends we expect to see for e-commerce in 2021. With input from industry experts, we mentioned that one of the main things online retailers would be focusing on was the customer relationship. Today, we look at what this means, and how adding a Live Chat feature to your website could help.

For anyone selling online in 2021, pay attention. This affects you!

What do we mean by customer relationship?

This is where the big difference between online retail and high street retail comes to the fore.

When a customer goes to a high street store, they feel something. They interact, chat, smile and most importantly: they experience.

By comparison, online shopping is different. You browse, find the cheapest deal on the most trustworthy looking website, checkout and sit by the front window waiting for it to arrive.

There’s no interaction, no feeling, no relationship.

Is this a problem?

Before the pandemic, no, it wasn’t much of an issue. People who preferred the personal and social aspect of shopping could head to the high street, while those who preferred the convenience could shop online.

But just like everything else, COVID has turned this dynamic on its head.

Now everyone is being encouraged (or forced) to shop online, by the continuing lockdowns and tier systems.

This means there is a large section of online shoppers who aren’t used to the process, might not be overly keen on it, and feel like they are missing out on something.

This is where online retailers will be focusing their efforts on bridging these gaps and making online shopping an all-inclusive experience.

How can retailers achieve this?

For online retailers this is the important question. They will be forced to continuously adapt their practices, make improvements to their website and enhance their delivery processes.

This giant jig-saw puzzle is what retailers need to solve to give their customers the best possible online shopping experience.

You need to be available to answer product queries and solve delivery issues quickly and efficiently. When there’s a payment issue, a lost password or a stock enquiry, you need to be on-hand.

Build a customer relationship with Live Chat

In our experience, one of the most successful ways to handle this is through a live chat function on your website.

By having the Live Chat system online, a customer browsing will instantly feel more at ease. Knowing someone is there to chat makes a big difference.

Once a chat is initiated, the experience becomes a personal one. Talking to a real human being, rather than staring at a blank website.

Live Chat helps to build trust and brings in more leads

If that customer has a positive experience on your website, they are more likely to return than go to your competitors.

In turn, that customer will then begin to leave reviews, share your posts and recommend your brand to friends.

Creo has helped many businesses to set up and manage their Live Chat feature.

To improve your website today, get in touch and we can discuss adding the Live Chat function to your website.

Get in touch to enquire about adding Live Chat to your website.

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