New Website for EMC Projects

Starting a new website from scratch can be a tricky thing for a company to do. A lot has to be taken into consideration and you have to ask yourself some serious questions:

  • What is my company?
  • What does the business stand for?
  • What do our target demographic want to see when they land on my page?

These were the questions plaguing EMC Projects when they approached us looking for the development of a fresh new website.

Building online presence

With no prior online presence, this was an opportunity to lay the foundations for the coming years and cement themselves as leading players in their industry.

EMC Projects specialise in electrical, mechanical and communications services. They are located in the Central Belt of Scotland and work on projects of all sizes, from small-scale office refurbishments to large scale commercial jobs.

They came to Creo seeking a new website with a modern brochure style look that could successfully inform and promote their business. The brief included having a large focus on highlighting the breadth of their mechanical, electrical and communications services.

Web development

As always, we were delighted to be approached by such an ambitious and forward-thinking company. Working with such people is always a joy. When both parties have concise goals and a passion to work to reach those targets, great things can happen.

We designed and built the site from scratch, providing all of the copywriting, brand guidelines, colour schemes, logo and fonts.

The turnaround time for this project was just a few weeks from start to finish and we hope to continue to work with EMC Projects in future in other areas such as marketing and video production.

View EMC’s new website by clicking here.

To find out more about web design or any of our other services, drop us message at [email protected] and we can do the rest.

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Branding Touchpoints – How important are they?

Are your company’s branding touchpoints on point? Do they tell the story of your business and exude the energy and message you need it to? Is company branding or touchpoints really that important?

Your brand image will be the first impression with your customer.

Whether you are Business to Business or Business to Consumer, your buyer will immediately – and harshly – judge your service and quality of product based solely on that first impression.

Therefore, to earn trust and credibility, your brand touch points have to be consistent…

What are Branding Touchpoints?

We try to avoid the overused marketing jargon but try to stick with us here…

Brand touchpoints can be broken into 3 categories:

  • Pre-Purchase Experience
  • Purchase Experience
  • Post-Purchase Experience

As has been discussed numerous times by designers and marketers alike:

“Your logo is not your brand” fair enough – and hopefully the above diagram demonstrates that.

However, focusing solely on your logo / brand mark for the moment – Each colour and font do tell a story.

They can portray your brand as fun or serious, luxury or economic, adventurous or safe.

Take for example a recent branding project we undertook.

Modish Furnishing are a Glasgow based furniture retailer. They specialise in luxury furniture items sourced from high-end manufacturers around the world.

Modish Furnishing Branding Project
Modish Furnishing Branding Project

Their branding touchpoints need to have a premium look. Customers need to feel like they are buying from a high-end brand when they shop with Modish.

This helps to build trust among a company’s community of customers and create a genuine, recognisable brand image.

Our branding experts studied Modish, asked questions, learned about their goals and who their target audience were. We conducted our Brand Story Telling Workshop – Using the information gathered from this exercise, we set to work on creating a consistent and considered brand guidelines.

To find out more about Brand Story Telling Workshop, drop us message at [email protected] and we can do the rest.

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Adding Live Chat to Your Website in 2021

Last week on the blog we discussed what trends we expect to see for e-commerce in 2021. With input from industry experts, we mentioned that one of the main things online retailers would be focusing on was the customer relationship. Today, we look at what this means, and how adding a Live Chat feature to your website could help.

For anyone selling online in 2021, pay attention. This affects you!

What do we mean by customer relationship?

This is where the big difference between online retail and high street retail comes to the fore.

When a customer goes to a high street store, they feel something. They interact, chat, smile and most importantly: they experience.

By comparison, online shopping is different. You browse, find the cheapest deal on the most trustworthy looking website, checkout and sit by the front window waiting for it to arrive.

There’s no interaction, no feeling, no relationship.

Is this a problem?

Before the pandemic, no, it wasn’t much of an issue. People who preferred the personal and social aspect of shopping could head to the high street, while those who preferred the convenience could shop online.

But just like everything else, COVID has turned this dynamic on its head.

Now everyone is being encouraged (or forced) to shop online, by the continuing lockdowns and tier systems.

This means there is a large section of online shoppers who aren’t used to the process, might not be overly keen on it, and feel like they are missing out on something.

This is where online retailers will be focusing their efforts on bridging these gaps and making online shopping an all-inclusive experience.

How can retailers achieve this?

For online retailers this is the important question. They will be forced to continuously adapt their practices, make improvements to their website and enhance their delivery processes.

This giant jig-saw puzzle is what retailers need to solve to give their customers the best possible online shopping experience.

You need to be available to answer product queries and solve delivery issues quickly and efficiently. When there’s a payment issue, a lost password or a stock enquiry, you need to be on-hand.

Build a customer relationship with Live Chat

In our experience, one of the most successful ways to handle this is through a live chat function on your website.

By having the Live Chat system online, a customer browsing will instantly feel more at ease. Knowing someone is there to chat makes a big difference.

Once a chat is initiated, the experience becomes a personal one. Talking to a real human being, rather than staring at a blank website.

Live Chat helps to build trust and brings in more leads

If that customer has a positive experience on your website, they are more likely to return than go to your competitors.

In turn, that customer will then begin to leave reviews, share your posts and recommend your brand to friends.

Creo has helped many businesses to set up and manage their Live Chat feature.

To improve your website today, get in touch and we can discuss adding the Live Chat function to your website.

Get in touch to enquire about adding Live Chat to your website.

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What e-commerce trends will we see in 2021?

With demand for online shopping increasing in 2020 thanks to the pandemic, what can online retailers expect in terms of e-commerce trends in 2021?

According to the experts, they don’t anticipate the trend to slow down anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this is partly due to the on-going lockdowns, but it’s also due to the way in which the online industry adapted and improved in 2020.

Companies invested heavily in their e-commerce websites to create a smooth user-experience for shoppers.

The increased demand for online shopping led to courier companies investing heavily in their own infrastructure too. With the two working in tandem, it’s now easier and faster than ever to purchase online.

With this seismic shift in the way the market buys, it’s never been more important to understand your audience. Retailers worked hard to learn more about who was shopping on their platform. The data collected is being used to better serve retailer’s demographics and improve the overall experience for users.

E-Commerce trends in 2021?

The experts all agree that the demand for e-commerce is only going to continue to grow. This is unsurprising, given the current e-commerce trends.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping, the economy had been heading that way for some time.

With the sudden surge of online shoppers moving from the high street onto their smartphones and computers to spend their money, retailers will be looking to make another big change to the way they operate.

Building customer relationships

According to some e-commerce specialists, the trend is going to move towards companies doing more to create a digital relationship with customers.

Many consumers love the experience of visiting the high street because it allows them to build a real relationship with staff and stores. The customer loses this feeling when shopping online.

According to James Gurd, Owner of Digital Juggler: When a new customer makes their first purchase, it’s the start of your relationship. You need to nurture that relationship and give them a reason to stay engaged and active.”

Hannah Stacey, Brand and Product Marketing Director at Ometria, concurs. She says: “Winning retail brands now see the customer experience as much a part of their product offering as their products themselves.”

This customer experience is going to be the most important thing as the industry moves forward. You need to make sure your customer is satisfied with every aspect of their purchase: from their on-site experience, to speed of delivery, method of delivery and then aftercare through marketing emails.

One of the biggest issues – as any online retailer knows – is with delivery. Are your customers going to be home? Can they lift the goods inside the house themselves? Can I choose a safe spot for the delivery driver to leave it safe?

Expect to see many more delivery options available in the coming months and years when shopping online. Brands will need to keep up with these e-commerce trends or risk losing their customers. The company who offers more flexibility and a better all-round service will be there to pick up the pieces.

Gone are the days when an online retailer can dispatch an item and move onto the next one. They need to do more.

Start selling online with your own e-commerce site

With more and more retail outlets closing by the day, it’s imperative for your business to have an online e-commerce platform to survive.

Thinking of taking your e-commerce business online? Feel you aren’t getting enough sales on your current platform?

Give us a call and we can help.

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Source for quotes

Retarget Your Customers on Facebook

What do you do when your analytics are telling you that a lot of your customers are visiting your website and viewing your products, but not going through with purchases?

This is something that plagues many e-commerce business owners, who lose out on valuable customers day after day.

This was also something affecting one of our clients, the Wee Sweetie Shop.

Black Friday Retargeting Campaign

With a website full of delicious sweets and treats, they wanted to run a promotion for Black Friday. They also wanted to lure people back to their website who had previously visited.

That’s where we came in.

With a Facebook Pixel set up on their website, we were able to gather data on visitors to the Wee Sweetie Shop. The data being collected gave us our audiences to target for our Facebook retargeting campaign.

We created a campaign that would run the week of Black Friday and used some of the beautiful images our photographer Steven had already captured.

These photos of the Wee Sweeties Shop’s ranges of pick ‘n’ mix, fudge, tablet and other classic sweets were the perfect visual aid to attract customers.

Facebook ad for Wee Sweetie Shop

We combined this with engaging written copy designed to grab our audience’s attention and create a sense of urgency. Above all, we wanted to encourage them to return to the Wee Sweetie Shop’s website to make a purchase.

Give the Customer a Reason to Return

With a special 25% discount code we were able to offer our targeted Facebook audience something unique, in the hope it would bring them back to the website.

Facebook Ad for Wee Sweetie Shop

The specific audience we wanted to target would be people who we knew were already interested in the products.

For example, by targeting people who were already aware of the Wee Sweetie Shop and who had visited the site in the few days prior to seeing the ads, we knew we were putting our ads in front of users who were most likely to become customers.

Did it work?

As with most of the Facebook Ads Campaigns we run, it was a success!

With an overall campaign spend of just £16.61 over the course of a few days, we brought 63 people back to the website. As a result, 18 people making purchase actions.

Therefore, we had a successful result for every 92p spent on the campaign.

Facebook Retargeted Marketing Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns on Facebook are a hugely powerful tool. If you aren’t currently doing it for your business, your competitors are already stealing a march on you.

If you’d like to discuss Facebook marketing campaigns, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Perhaps you are already running campaigns but feel the performance could be better?

We can help with that too.

Contact us here

St Philips Testimonial

Over the last three years, Creo Design and St Philips School have been working together on a re-brand for the organisation.

From the get-go we could feel the passion the team at St Philips had for their work and making a positive change in people’s lives.

We were instantly enamoured by this passion and were eager to create something recognisable and memorable for St Philips.

The re-brand included new signage, printed materials and an upgrade of the school environment.

Every so often you meet a truly passionate organisation actively trying to make a change in people’s lives.

Top Reasons You Should Have an E-Commerce Website

If you’re thinking of going into business now, or feel that your physical store sales aren’t what they used to be, it’s time you start to think about an e-commerce website. In truth, it’s something you should have done years ago. Many of your competitors are already ahead of the game. It’s never too late though, and just in case you’re still not convinced, here are the top reasons you should start an e-commerce website:

E-Commerce Gives you a Wider Reach

Let’s face it, your physical storefront is very limited. The majority of your customers will live or work close-by. By using an e-commerce website, you are opening the doors of your business to people all over the world. Your only limitation is how far you’re willing to dispatch items! Imagine your audience multiplied by 10, 100, or even more. Your sales have the potential to increase dramatically when you use an e-commerce platform.

Make Money While You Sleep

This is the aspect of selling online via an e-commerce website that really revolutionises people’s lives. Up until now, you’ve had to be physically present in your store to make a sale. You drag yourself out of your warm bed every morning, make your way into work, rain or shine, and have a window or about 8 hours where your products can be sold. There’s no guarantee that you’ll even make any sales that day.

With an online store, your products are on sale 24 hours a day. There are no time restrictions on when a customer is able to purchase your products. Each morning, while you’re still in your warm bed, you’ll be able to quickly check your phone and see how many sales you’ve made while you slept.

A much better way to start the day, don’t you think?

Display all of your products on your Online Store

How often have you heard someone in a store say “let me check the back for you” – before they scuttle off into the back room for 10 minutes. Your online marketplace has unlimited shelf space. Customers will be able to see all the variations of colours, size and type, as well as the stock levels right before their eyes.

Online Shopping is More Convenient

The modern shopper cares about two things: convenience and cost. They want to spend the least amount of money, and get their products as quickly and as easy as possible. Why do you think Amazon Prime has been such a success?

With an online e-commerce platform, your customers can buy your products from the comfort of their own home, on their own time. The easier it is for the customer, the more likely they are to purchase your products.

Reduced Payroll and Overheads

Running a successful business means sensible financial planning and streamlining as much as possible. No physical store means less people under your payroll. Depending on the size of your e-commerce operation, you may not need as many people working for you; you may not need any at all!

By reducing your payroll and overheads such as rent, you’ll be able to sell your products for less, while still maintaining the same margins you had in store. Lower prices will attract more customers.

The High Street is Struggling While E-Commerce Websites are Thriving

While this is sad, and many great institutions are falling by the wayside, it’s the reality of business and the modern world. Companies that refuse to adapt will suffer. If you get complacent or rest on your laurels, the same will happen to you.

E-Commerce and online shopping are the present and future of retail. The high street will live on, but in a services capacity – coffee shops, restaurants, cafes. If you want your business to survive these changes, you need to adopt an e-commerce strategy and take your business online.

E-Commerce is More Efficient

The buying process is not only more efficient for your customers, but it also takes a lot of the strain off of you. You’ll have to deal with customers much less frequently than when making a sale face-to-face. All you need to do is ensure the stock levels are up to date, product information is correct and worry about how you’re going to dispatch all of your new sales!

Taking your business online and adopting an efficient, attractive and user-friendly e-commerce platform is the next sensible step for your business.

If you’d like to have a conversation about how we can help you do this, get in touch.

Work from Home Tips

We’re living through unprecedented times in which many of us are now required to work from home. And while those of us still able to work should be grateful, this can be quite a seismic shift. Mixing your work life with your home life isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. As a collection of web designers, copywriters and graphic designers we’ve got some experience when it comes to working remotely. So, we decided we’d pass on a few work from home tips.

Dress for the day you want to have

Although it may seem trivial, some of the best tips for working from home are. When you get up in the morning, make sure to put on something resembling what you would wear to work. It doesn’t need to be full business attire, but it does need to put you in the working mindset.

If you get out of bed and open up the laptop while still in your pyjamas, you probably aren’t going to have a very productive day. Pyjamas, sweat pants, joggers, ‘comfies’: these are made for slouching around and watching Netflix, not for productivity.

Get out of bed and prepare in the same way you would if you were heading into the office. It’s as much about preparing your mind as it is your wardrobe!

Dedicated Work Space

The principal challenge of working from home for many is focus: being able to maintain the same levels as one would have in a regular office. This is why you must find somewhere in your home and create a dedicated home office space.

You don’t need to fully refurbish your living room or evict your kids from their bedroom, you just need a space that is devoted solely to work. This means setting up your computer, note-pads, phone, whiteboard, stationary, cactus etc somewhere in your home and sticking to that spot.

Laying in bed with your laptop isn’t going to cut it.

Make a To-Do List

This is something you ought to be doing in the evenings before you go to sleep. Think of everything you need to do the next day and write it down. You can do this using a pen and paper or one of the many productivity apps available.  

Once it’s there on your to-do list it becomes a lot harder to avoid. If you get into the habit of doing this every night, it will also become easier to get up in the morning. Having a clear plan written down gives you added motivation to attack the working day.

Take Regular Breaks

You aren’t going to become hyper productive overnight, or be able to fully replicate the office environment straight away. Focus your energy on work for a set period of time, whether that’s half an hour, an hour or more. During this time make sure your output is 100%. Put the smartphone to the side, close Twitter, turn off the TV – focus exclusively on work. 

Once your set time has passed, stand up, walk around the house, go out into the garden, make a cup of tea. Do what you need to do to relax for a few minutes until you’re ready to sit back down and do some more work. The more you repeat this cycle, the easier you’ll find it to focus all of your attention and energy on your work while at home.

Get into a Routine

During this time, it’s going to be very easy to fall into a bad routine. If you don’t need to travel to work, you might start going to bed a little later or lying in bed a little longer. Over time, these small changes can really throw your routine off.

When working from home it’s crucial that you stick to a routine and dedicated working hours. If you normally work 9-5, stick with that. If you normally take an hour lunch break at 1pm, do the same at home. Having a structure in place while working from home will help you maintain consistent energy levels and aid productivity.

When you start to slip out of a routine, your work will suffer.

No one knows how long this pandemic is going to last, so for those of you working from home, it’s time to start making the most of it. Hopefully these work from home tips help you to retain a sense of normality at your home office. 

Have we missed any work from home tips that you’ve discovered in the last few weeks? Let us know!

For any enquiries about setting up Microsoft Teams or help setting up your business to work from home with the latest software and technology, get in touch. 


The Print Room Brochure

Creo Design work in partnership on a daily basis with The Print Room Scotland, who are also a part of The Solutions on Demand Group.  

For 2020 we have designed their new brochure. This is not only a print catalogue, full of fantastic print deals and offers, but the brochure also highlights their amazing customer base – full of testimonials detailing the outstanding customer service they offer. 

View it here –

Helping your b2c business get online

In these unprecedented times businesses that rely on working with the public are suffering the most. We can help you move your business online and give you advice on what to do to help engage with your customers while they are at home.

Video Conferencing is nothing new however is becoming a trend over the past few weeks worldwide to help businesses function and keep in touch with their customers in a more practical setting.

Offer subscription services on to your website and create online classes and webinars. We work with many businesses who run daily classes with members of the public and rely on 1 to 1 workshops. Create a platform for your customers to access your classes and keep them engaged with your business.

For more information on how we can help or if you are looking for some advice on how to move your business online, get in touch today.

Call Creo Design on 01560 428031 or email [email protected]